Build Your Dream Home with MGI Homes


Building Your Dream Home can be a stressful endeavor for many folks.  We're aware of the challenges it can bring and we do our best through communication and  processes to make it an enjoyable experience.


Assuming you already have your lot selected or purchased we can move forward with the design phase of your project.  This is where you can get very creative and idealistic.  We will connect you with an architect and help manage the process to keep it moving.


Even though we can give approximate bidding using historical data and experience we will need to tally a final estimate after your final set of plans are submitted.  You will have the option to add or remove some features at your leisure based on your budget.


Once the plans are complete we will request engineering plans from a licensed engineer.  Those plans will be submitted to the local municipality (in addition to other forms) to get the permitting process moving.


Now for the exciting part!  We can finally break ground and start the building process.  This process involves a lot of moving parts.  We will need selections completed and all changes approved.  We will communicate DAILY on the progress of your project and any subsequent effect it will have on your schedule.  You will have access to a live schedule that will allow you to be notified of every change - if you choose.  See sample.


Upon substantial completion of your home we will schedule a final walk to get approval or make notes of any remaining items.  We will complete the list prior to closing and re-walk the home to verify it is to your liking. 


We include a builders warranty 1/2/10 years.  


Since all custom homes are unique, selected features can vary greatly.  However, for ease of bidding we have included a standard feature sheet that can be adjusted to your needs / wants. 

white modern farmhouse custom home with beautiful wood details
white modern farmhouse custom home with beautiful wood details